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Wednesday, 31-Jul-2013 23:35
Globe Domination
After asking today what I should blog about next, this title came about, for some mysterious reason.Yes I have been on a bit of a world domination spree lately.Ok, not just lately I admit, its in my blood, my nature, my character.

I wasnt always this way.Used to be a doormat in my youth, but times change us and any knocks or bad experiencesjust callous the heart and make us harder.I have had my share of those, more than my fair share, in fact.However in the words of beautiful Pink, I wouldnt trade the pain for what Ive learned.Better to be harsh, embittered, hard, domineering and cynical than a naive, gullible, soppy, blase, innocent doormat?

Well perhaps not for everyone, but this is my armour and Id rather keep it on, thank you.My protection is to be ruthless, cut-throat and vicious at times.Attack is the best form of defence after all.I can appear heartless, vindictive and ice cold, as anyone who has been on the receiving end of one of my ranting tirades will agree.It is an awful way to view the world, perhaps, in some peoples opinion.Why not be optimistic, expect the best from people, put faith in humanity?

I would so love to be like that but we are only the sum of our experiences, and.o believe her ex-brother-in-law, and as a longtime fan with a perpetual soft spot for this girl, especially after all her troubles, I say leave Britney alone!Have you ever had an ex's family member go nuts on you? Hopefully not to this degree!Other celebs with recen.d conducted vibrations perfectly.

So strong was my grip on the Fifi that when I removed my hand from the base the vibrator stayed in position unlike others which tend to vibrate all the way out. Up to now the performance of this vibrator was impressive.I pressed the button taking the speed up to max and it was felt fantastic, a slight movement of my hand in and out rubbed my? G spot and guided the clit vibes up and down the length of my clitoris. Orgasm was imminent so I pressed the middle function button and the vibrator started to throb which hurtled me towards my tipping point as my breath started to become shallow and rapid.

My toes curled my heart beat quickened in my chest and an electrifying feeling took over my body from feet to my pelvis…I quivered as I came leaving hold of the Fifi to grasp at the duvet.If I had to make a criticism of the Fifi it would be that the middle button, used to select the pulsing modes, is quite small and can be difficult to operate.

You seem to have to press hard to get it to click and advance to the next pattern.I was concerned about the volume of the toy when I tried it in my hand but when in use and inside Lol, it’s just fine.This vibrator is perfect for the moderate to experienced user but may be a little overwhelming for a rabbit newbie, I’m not sure they would be ready for the all consuming experience of using it. But it is certainly a vibrator to work your way up to. Je Joue, Fifi vibrator, rabbit vibrator, silicone vibrator, silicone sex toy, rechargeable vibrator designer vibrator.

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