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Wednesday, 31-Jul-2013 23:25
Dark chocolate Adore Component 1
He took me that night, to some fantastical chocolate place and I don’t mean from a Roald Dahl book.I love food and I love sex.Combine the two for the kinkiest, sexiest, most perverted sex.I adore it.Having admitted this fact to him, he obviously wanted to take full advantage.

I love when he takes full advantage of me.Anyway.I’m not sure if we covered the After Eights occasion that happened a few months ago?They were left upon the side after an evening.Everyone had gone upstairs and we were left embracing on the sofa in the lounge.Talk turned to teasing turned to fondling turned to glances by him to the After Eights and a really naughty twinkle in his eye I gulped.

He smiled wider.Pushing my head down to suck him (I love when he does that, hand either firmly in my hair or grasping my pony tail if I’ve made one and really shoving me down), he moaned contentedly as I took him into my mouth.Turning me round half way so I was in 69 position sucking him, my pussy over his face.From where he was he could reach the table beside usSuddenly, I feel cold, smooth, SOMEthing entering me.Being pushed slowly into me.My lips being peeled apart, me still with his cock deep in .ight to me.So there you have it.Ive totally changed my mind about the whole competing with an ex thing.When youre happy in your relationship, your ex is the last person on your mind.But what do you think? How do you feel about the whole celeb ex phenomenon?

Has it ever.ed with water based lubricant the Flange slipped into place feeling before the current was applied like any other small to medium sized butt plug.Suze tentatively applied the current and I felt stimulation almost immediately and found I needed only a low setting to get a tingling thrill and twitching anus that gripped the probe with each pulse. Suze realised I had reached my maximum comfortable level and experimented with the feel and rate of stimulation.Then I surprised her and myself by asking her to turn up the power.

Each time she increased the stimulation I waited, got used to and enjoyed the sensation and then wanted a little more.Wow!Using the kit was a thoroughly enjoyable and interesting experience.The controllability of the Series 1 Power Box is such that even novices can feel confident that electroplay is something that puts them and/or their partner in charge of their pleasure.Every element of the kit feels slightly industrial and is presented in a similar manner but manages to feel solid, well built and simple to use too.The controls are smooth and robust with the variable knobs having a velvety action and the four position mode selector positive and purposeful.

Users of this kit can feel confident that they decide how much or how little stimulation they will experience, which is probably why I found anal stimulation particularly quite addictive.In fact I even found Suze toying with the “Flange” electrode in the bathroom after I’d washed it so who knows … I might be in charge of the Power Box tomorrow night!

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