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Wednesday, 31-Jul-2013 23:19
Diary: Woman Day Consider two! Wining, eating as well as L'ensem
You may remember that my girl and I went for a Girl Date to Wagamamas and to see the wonderful Les Miserables film.We enjoyed it so much we decided to go again!I booked the tickets a couple of days before and on that Sunday (20 January 2013) off we were driven to the http://www.sextoysbrand.com(SexToysBrand)Brayford Waterfront in nearby Lincoln city centre, where there is a lovely ODEON cinema and some great nightlife, pubs, clubs, restaurants all that kinda thing.We werent sure where wed eat this time.Wagas was fantastic the week before, but we wanted to try somewhere new.

Upon arriving we strolled around and finally decided upon ASK, an Italian themed, modern looking eaterie, clean and cheerful and moderately busy with a bustling atmosphere.ettling in our seats we were pleased to be in from the frosty air outside.The waiter brought us some menus and we had a little peek at the offerings.Of course we looked at the wine menu first.Did you expect anything else?

I had a glass of Pinot Grigio and Harlot enjoyed the Pinot blush.We chatted and enjoyed the wine then decided to indulge in a bottle between us.Well why not? Night out, no driving wine is always a good plan!Harlot pre.e me feel stupid at my next event.Dating is hard enough!Don't you think a book swap is a brilliant http://www.sextoysbrand.com/best-vibrators( cheap vibrators) way to get new summer reading material and meet a hot bookworm? Are you proud of me for going to this event on my own and not leaving 30 seconds into it?

I kind of am, if .he escalation modes.I simply left the vibe wedged between my lips, resting it on my thighs. This gave the strongest waves of vibration and this little baby is powerful. My clit was responding to the attention and I’m sure I could feel it pulsing in time with the escalating rhythm. One moment, just have to turn the volume down, those girls make some right noise and I have neighbours. This felt really good but I wasn’t quite there yet.

I pressed the + button once more and was returned to the continuous vibratory mode. Another couple of clicks and it was set to full vibration, I started to impulsively roll my hips just like I was using a small hoola hoop.That was it!? I had found the http://www.lelo.com/(lelo) perfect stimulation, the strong vibrations coupled with my hip movement was gently massaging my clitoris in to submission. A touch of genious, I pressed my hand on to the back of the head nuzzling it firmly against my swollen bud.

The combination of vibration, pressure and movement soon had my back arching and I knew orgasm was imminent. A few more gyrations and I was there, toes and fingers tingling as my body was wracked with pleasure. A loud moan escaped from my lips as I placed my spine back on to the mattress.This toy is wonderful for a vibrator newbie because it is so versatile, you can use it for massage, clitoral stimulation and even slip the tip inside for internal pleasure. The trade off for such power is the noise level, it’s not a toy you could use discreetly, although it isn’t the loudest vibrator I have come across.

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