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Monday, 29-Jul-2013 02:49
I have my navel pierced and I did have a VCH
I really want some more piercings.I have my navel pierced and I did have a VCH (vertical Clitoral hood piercing) however that one closed up as I removed the bar then it closed up before I could put another in.I am not completely upset about the VCH going as with the bar in it was very rattly especially when using a bullet vibe, also lately I have this http://www.sextoysbrand.com(cheapest sex toys). Ation, and painful urination to atopic eczema and anaphylactic shock. Anaphylactic shock?

Holy crap.I knew men could be irritating but you know, I thought in a funny way.I'm not laughing at this.And FYI: If you're one of the 20,000 to 40,000 women between ages 20 and 30 who are estimated to be affected each year, it doesn't matter which man you're exchanging bodily fluids with.It's the properties http://www.sextoysbrand.com/anal-toys(anal toys) of semen itself that causes the symptoms, regardless of partner.Luckily it doesn't affect fertility, but it can make havin. was the stainless steel model.

The vibe’s single speed is controlled via the twist base which can be corded for safety during anal use if required. The cigar can also be used in the bathroom but only when in operation, otherwise the seal is broken.I elected to test the Cigar Vibrator in the bedroom whilst Alex finished off his work in the office next door. I lay back on the bed waiting for Alex http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XeyKsqWIh3I(sexy girl) to finish off his work but eager to try my new toy. With a twist of the base it fired in to action and I lowered it over my awaiting clit.The cold hit me and then the powerful vibrations afforded by the toy.

Metal is an extremely good conductor of vibration and this toy proves that. Both the weight of the metal and the vibration were a real turn on.It just needed a bit of a twist to arouse me. I started to move the vibe from side to side its own weight pressing against me that was so good. The cold of the metal, the weight and the vibrating movement was arousing me.A few more motions from side to side and I was there baby…Toe curling, spasm inducing waves of pleasure hit my spot. That clit of mine is just so eager to be pleased.

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