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Monday, 1-Jul-2013 03:08
Is actually Lovemaking Wellness Training Passé?
Maybe its post-Valentine’s Day reflection. Or maybe it’s the spectacle of Seth MacFarlane’s juvenile We Saw Your Boobs performance during the Oscars. Or maybe, as I’d like to think, it’s because my organization, the National Coalition of STD Directors, just held a first-of-its-kind meeting that brought together teams from ten states with national leaders to discuss the promise of statewide sexual health plans.

Whatever the case, I’ve been thinking a lot about sexual health lately.The spark was no doubt lit when a trusted colleague asked me recently, “Do we need to talk about and promote sexual health anymore? It seems to be everywhere.” It got me thinking that this is a legitimate question Id like to ponder some more.

On the CVS pharmacy website, theres an entire section called “sexual health,” where youll find everything from condoms to at-home HIV tests. Theres even a subcategory called “enhancers,” containing the expected lubricants along with toys—lots of them (and specific cleaners for them, to boot). In fact, 209 “enhancers” were available on the website as of this writing. By comparison, there were 188 products listed under the “cough and cold medicines” section.

If you get home delivery of your local paper and are an avid reader of the sales circulars, like I am, you also got a healthy dose of the sexy.as vaginal pain and dryness. Similar to emotional and relationship challenges associated with assisted reproductive technologies, the sexual problems intensified as a couple's use of ART proceeded.

When couples meet with their physicians, their sex life might not top the list of issues they want to discuss, either because of unease talking about the subject or simply because they have so many other important issues to discuss. Still, Smith and Madeira say, the doctor-patient relationship is key, and couples can be told up front about the potential sexual side effects and resources that can help. If they have issues with dryness, for example, they could be counseled on remedies such as purchasing lubricant or other sexual enhancement products.

In addition to referring couples to mental health counselors, reproductive endocrinologists could also refer them to sex therapists.There's just a dearth of knowledge on how infertility affects sexual behavior, Madeira said. The focus is more likely to be on the social and support dimensions of the relationship, but sex is a big part of that. Just letting patients know they aren't alone in this would be helpful.If more information about sexual challenges becomes available, couples might find it on their own.Women interested in ART are generally well-educated and tend to spend time researching these issues, Madeira said.

They would be very responsive to this information, and proactive.The study involved 270 women who completed an online questionnaire; interviews with 127 men and women using IVF to try to conceive; and interviews with 70 professionals,. Ball with a difference, the B3 is guaranteed to be unlike anything else you've currently got beside your bed. Roll it across your body for an all-over massage, or hold it securely for intense vibrations, this one is multi-purpose. And like a lot of the toys listed here, it's guaranteed to be completely non-intimidating to your partner.

Unless he has a fear of balls. In which case... wow.But, we don't always buy non-obvious toys, do we? I know I don't fill my toy collection only with discreet, obscure toys that no one would recognise. I've got just as many souped-up vibrators, love eggs, and anal beads as the next girl.So for those emergencies, HIDE, HIDE, HIDE. The Adult Toybox Sex Toy Case comes in four colours (including a fabulously girly shade of pink that just screams &quot;innocence&quot; even when you're shoving it full of handcuffs, whips, and nipple clamps).And for... well... some of us... there is the Extra Large Adult Sex Toy Case. There is no shame in admitting that your collection has reached &quot;extra large&quot; status. At least, I sure hope there isn't....

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