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Thursday, 13-Jun-2013 03:05
5 Should have Valentine's Day time Adult toys
Prostate Awareness Week starts on the 21st of this month, and the STB! girlz are on a mission to raise awareness of both prostate health and prostate pleasure!Many fellahs dont have all the facts on the prostate gland, and lots who do will avoid getting a checkup out of embarrassment and nervousness.

So were inviting all gents and their ladiez to wise up to the prostate gland.rostate facts: As a man ages, so does his prostate.The older it gets, the more liekly it is it will incur some sort of ailment, or, worst case scenario, prostate cancer.Now, do t get us wrong – prostate problems can occur in younger men too, so i s important to keep an eye on the P-spot at any age.

If you notice any of the following, i s time to get booked in for a check-up:- Frequent need to pee- Getting up several times during the night to pee- Dribbling pee- Not being able to pee- Pain or burning sensation when peeing- Blood in urine or semen- Painful ejaculation-Frequent pain or stiffness in lower back, hips, pelvic/rectal area or upper thighsA vis.

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Hot Rocks Massage Treatment - 8.9Give your partner a spa treatment in your own home, relieving some of that Christmas tension and helping them to unwind.Shunga Geishas Secrets Collection Kit - 12.0Beautifully packaged, this erotic-yet-romantic gift set includes oils, a balm, auo; not convinced that the finger loop is really required, but better to be safe than sorry.eatured in this blog postHuge Anal BeadsOversized Anal ToysRascal Baller Anal Beads.

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